Labour split on minimum pricing

Stuff reports:

There are rumbles within over MP Charles Chauvel promoting a regime for upcoming law changes as party policy.

TVNZ reported Labour had the numbers to pass the minimum pricing regime but it appears Mr Chauvel may not have all his colleagues on board, let alone the crucial votes of United Future and ACT.

That is because Labour is treating the changes as a conscience vote and several of its MPs oppose minimum pricing.

Will they vote against Chauvel’s amendment.

It is interesting that they are trying to say the amendment is a Chauvel amendment, not a Labour amendment. The problem is that Chauvel is their Justice Spokesperson, so amendments from him are not seen the same as amendments from a junior backbencher.

My challenge to every MP who votes for the minimum price amendment, is to be as courageous as Lianne Dalziel was, and state what you think the minimum price should be.

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