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NZ Herald reports:

Former Prime Minister has been accused of misrepresenting her appearance in a United Nations website profile picture.

She was appointed Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme in 2009.

Her profile page on the UN website carries a biography and high-resolution version of the picture.

John Creser, of Wellington, complained to the UN ethics office that Helen Clark had misrepresented her image on the website, saying it was wrong for her to use a computer-generated image, or avatar.

This reminds me of the 2002 or 2005 campaign when they used a similar photo on the billboards, and at a photo op of one going up a eight year old kid asked Helen “Is that you, when you were younger” which was priceless.

The joke was that if Helen tried to travel on a passport with her “official” photo, then she would be stopped at the border.

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