Dom Post on same sex marriage

The Dom Post editorial:

Marriage should be the union between two people. Whether they are both men or both women should be no business of the state. …

There is also no reasonable explanation as to why gay weddings would undermine the sanctity of marriage. Each marriage is an individual union between two people. It stretches credulity to suggest that heterosexual couples will suddenly decide not to tie the knot, or to get divorced, just because gay couples have the right to marry.

Although gay couples can enjoy many of the benefits of marriage through civil unions, the fact remains that denying them the right to marry purely because of their sexuality relegates them to second-class citizens.

The law as it stands belongs to a society that disappeared long ago. It is discriminatory and it is time it was changed.

A good editorial. In 15 years time, people will look back with surprise that this issue was even controversial.

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