Drug testing for drivers

The Herald reports:

More than half the drivers taken to hospital after causing a crash were found to have in their system, a study has found.

The Ministry of study used blood samples taken from 453 drivers who caused crashes.

were detected in the systems of 258 drivers, analysis by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) found.

Of that group, 156 were found to be on not administered by a medical professional

Ninety people sent to hospital had both and in their system.

Yesterday, the Automobile Association renewed its calls for random roadside saliva tests to be used to target drivers.

I support this.

The data above indicates a much much higher presence of in drivers who have crashed than in the normal population. Now there are issues around testing, as the presence doesn’t mean a current impairment (unlike alcohol). But I have long thought that drugged driving is as big an issue as drunk driving – and we need to reduce the prevalence of both to make our roads safer.

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