Hopefully not approved treatment

Stuff reports:

The West Auckland resident said he recorded the meeting because he did not like some of the probation officer’s comments.

In the recording the officer talks about the difficulty of managing people on home detention for ”pretty sick crimes” who ”still have a need for, for instance, child sex”.

Referring to one case he says: ”I’m not able to supply them with child sex but we’ve worked out a plan where, hey, we’ll go out to get a prostitute who comes to the house and she dresses up as a child.”

I’m glad the probation service doesn’t actually provide child sex to pedophiles – just prostitutes dressed up as children. That makes me feel so much better about paying my taxes.

I guess if the offender was in for bestiality, the officer would hire a prostitute to dress up as a horse, and if for necrophilia he’d try to hire a zombie prostitute.

Note I’ve got no problem with hiring consenting adult prostitutes dressed up as whatever they want. But I’d rather it wasn’t taxpayer funded!

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