The Fiordland monorail

Stuff reports:

Simon Moutter’s first media statement since taking over the helm at Telecom this week has nothing to do with the telco.

In a news release from Link Experience Moutter is quoted at length putting his weight behind initiatives, including Fiordland’s proposed monorail.

Company spokesman John Beattie said the former International Airport chief executive believed it was vital for New Zealand to keep developing world-class projects.

In today’s statement, Moutter calls for public support for new initiatives to sustain not only the sector, but jobs as well.

To be bold, the industry had to adapt to a changing world. Failing to do so would see the country fall behind, he said.

“The proposed Link Experience, which will include the longest journey in the world, is an example of the sort of ambitious privately funded project this country needs to consider.

“This is the sort of product that I believe would be attractive to the high-value, shorter stay, new markets that will be vital to New Zealand’s future so it merits serious consideration.”

I think the project is a great win-win. It will be a significant tourist attraction, but also will reduce the need for such long car journeys, benefiting the environment.

A sleek is also sympathetic to the conservation values. The magnificent Kuranda area rainforest is enhanced by the Skyrail which allows people to get into its heart without driving up the hill.

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