Wednesday Wallpaper 5 September | Autumn Reflection Lake Wanaka New Zealand

New Zealand photos | Lake Wanaka Autumn Reflections and ripples

Golden Poplar Reflected In Roys Bay, Lake Wanaka New Zealand. Photography By Sarah Sisson

Hello all and welcome to the world’s first ever KiwiBlog Wallpaper for September (I’m sure that you will all agree that is quite the achievement….)

This week we regress to Autumn, as a nod to any Northern Hemispherical readers.  This image was made by my lovely wife Sarah, we just sent a 1 metre canvas print of this image to an Australian client this week, our little contribution to reducing balance of payments deficit 😉

Download the big version from this link:  [free iPad wallpaper] Password = freewallpaper

See you next week!

Cheers – Todd

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