A good case for three strikes

The ODT reports:

A man who assaulted a woman with intent to rape her at Jubilee Park told police he did it because he could not get a “missus”.

It was his intention to find a female at the park and rape her, the man said.

Before the Dunedin District Court yesterday, Shaun Kahu Leonard (29), labourer, admitted assaulting the woman with intent to rape her, on September 24.

In custody by consent, Leonard did not seek bail.

Judge Paul Kellar, of Christchurch, gave him a “three strikes” warning and remanded him for sentence on November 27.

It seems pretty clear to me, that with a viewpoint that it is fine to rape women, if you don’t have a missus, that  he should not be at large.

It is unfortunate that three strikes laws were not here earlier. He was convicted of rape in 2005. His non-parole period was only four years nine months.

I laugh at what his defence counsel said at the time:

However, his client was remorseful and had a growing awareness of what he had done to his victim

Very remorseful and aware. He goes hunting for victims to rape as he doesn’t have a missus.

If three strikes had been in place earlier, then he would get a second strike for this, and not be eligible for parole. The maximum term is ten years for attempted rap,e so will be interesting to see what he gets.

And if he raped for a third strike (which I have to say seems likely), he would get 20 years with no parole.

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