Cactus on Shearer

Cactus Kate summarises:

ย 1. Allege there is a recording of something John Key is alleged to have said inside the GCSB.

2. Admit you have not actually heard or seen the alleged recording and have the GCSB deny one exists.

3. Appear on RadioLive to be interviewed by a former Minister who has dealt with these matters and stutter your way through the interview without a shred of actual evidence of #1.

4. More importantly have those allegations the night before completely overshadow the news cycle of a very poorly attended long-awaited manufactured EPMU conference on the alleged manufacturing crisis in New Zealand.

5. Completely expose your female Chief Press Secretary to allegations about her private life and professionalism of those close to her based on being the most obvious Beltway source of the leak in #1.

6. Change your story about the recording which is now allegedly one made without the GCSB’s permission.

7. Have zero of your own colleagues back you up. ย Even the loud cheerleaders stay deathly silent.

8. By the end of Friday, when all the journalists are on their first beer at happy hour gasping over the whole sordid mess and you have run out of the week while Parliament is in recess anyway – have successfully put the entire focus on yourself to actually produce the recording.

I can’t add anything to that.

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