Daylight Saving

I remarked on Monday to someone that daylight saving changes are no longer such a big thing. I recall the days of having to adjust all the clocks. But now the computers and the smart phones all adjust automatically, so you wake up on Sunday and that’s it.

Except for .

Stuff reports:

Four Jetstar flights between Wellington and Auckland were delayed because the airline forgot about daylight savings.

The 8.15am flight out of the capital on Sunday was about an hour late while crew waited for the plane to arrive from Cairns.

Clocks went forward early on Sunday morning, but that wasn’t factored into schedules. As a knock-on effect, three later flights on the route were delayed.


Jetstar NZ seems to be the Wheedle of airlines!

In Australia I have found Jetstar to be fine. It is just their NZ operations which are so continually lacking.

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