Jetstar strikes again

Elle Hunt at Stuff reports:

A woman says she was “absolutely humiliated” when a flight attendant demanded a “pregnancy” medical certificate to fly despite her not expecting a baby.

Kelsey Hughes, 21, of Rangiora, was queuing to board her flight to Christchurch after a weekend in Wellington for the World of WearableArt show.

The flight attendant scanned her ticket and she moved on towards the plane. “Then he stopped and came over to me, holding up the whole queue, and said: ‘Excuse me, ma’am, do you have a medical certificate to fly?’

“I said: ‘A medical certificate? No, why?’, and he said: ‘You need a medical certificate to fly with your pregnancy’.”

Mortified, Miss Hughes explained that she was not expecting. “He said: ‘Oh. Really? Oops. Sorry!’, then just turned around and walked away. He just brushed it off as though it was a simple mistake that anyone could make.”

Oh my God, unless you can actually see the baby kicking, or the mum is the size of a beach ball, you never ever assume.

How could anyone think she is 28 weeks pregnant?

I like that Jetstar provides competition to Air NZ, but they really need to impose a customer service focus on their entire operations and culture.

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