Devlin v Jetstar

Stuff reports:

Broadcaster says cabin crew overreacted in removing him from a flight today for alleged unruly behaviour.

The Radio Live host was pulled from the plane by police in Wellington this afternoon after the captain called for help.

The flight was due to arrive in Auckland at 9.25am but heavy fog meant the plane had to return to Wellington, a Jetstar spokeswoman said.

“We were expecting the fog to clear but unfortunately that didn’t happen so we had to go back to Wellington,” she said.

Devlin, 46, said he had only commented about the flight delay and asked if the Jetstar plane had equipment to fly in foggy conditions.

“Nothing happened. I was one of many passengers who wanted to know what was going on. We had been up in the air for hours. The stewardess over-reacted,” he told TVNZ.

He said that after speaking to the stewardess he returned to his seat and police arrived and asked him to leave the plane, which he did voluntarily.

If it was Air NZ, I would have no compunction in comcluding that Devlin must have been in the wrong, and his behaviour must have been threatening to have the Police called.

But this is Jetstar, where the customer service training manual seems to be that passenagers are akin to small vermin. You can’t rule out the possibility that they got him arrested because he asked to go to the toilet.

But witnesses on the flight said Devlin was “making a scene” and being abusive toward the crew after the flight was delayed, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Hmmn, so in this case, the blame may lie with Devlin.

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