Field on Labour

Simon Day at Stuff reports:

Already under pressure from internal ructions, the Party leadership has been given a mauling by disgraced former MP Taito Phillip Field.

Just over a year after his release from prison, Field, who compared himself with South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, weighed in on Labour’s recent struggles, saying the party has lost its way and been “contaminated” by liberal policy.

The former Helen Clark government, in which he was a minister, had infested the party with homosexuality, Field said.

“There is a perception that they are controlled by homosexuals. It’s like a smell that won’t go away.”

I’d say the bad smell is the former MP who used immigrant slave labour and was sent to jail for corruption.

“Nobody wants to go to prison, but Mandela was imprisoned for 26 years. Who I am to complain?”

Incredible. The sense of entitlement.

Field cited John Banks’ mayoral campaign donation by Kim Dotcom, and Helen Clark signing a painting she didn’t paint for charity, as “prima facie” examples of corruption and fraud.

Helen won’t like that comparison.

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