The Horan dispute

Danya Levy and Tony Wall report at Stuff:

The mother of NZ First MP spent money on operations and a new car in the years before she died, a close family source says. …

A family source said yesterday Mrs Horan “spent like a trooper” in the years before she died.

She bought a new Mazda 6 and spent money on operations and plastic surgery in an attempt to save her failing eyesight and her nose after she was diagnosed with skin cancer, the source said.

This just reinforces to me the need to suspend judgement until some facts are established. There is obviously a family dispute, but I don’t know whether or not there has been any wrong-doing by anyone.

Mr Peters twice yesterday refused to express confidence in his MP and reiterated he was still waiting for facts from the family on allegations he described as “very serious”.

That, combined with the fact Peters sent Horan home to sort this out does indicate there is some concern that the allegations could be correct. But again, nothing has been substantiated at this point.

If the allegations are proven, and Horan goes as an MP, then the new NZ First MP would be Helen Mulford. She is currently at 80% on Ipredict to become eligble to become an MP before the next election.

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