WCC changes mind on Basin flyover

Katie Chapman at Dom Post reports:

Wellington’s big transport projects are in limbo as the NZ Transport Agency and Wellington City Council face off over plans for the Basin Reserve.

The agency is committed to a flyover north of the historic cricket ground as a key part of its transport plans for the city, which include the possibility of a light rail system.

It warned the council on Wednesday not to reconsider its backing for the flyover. But the council ignored the warning at a meeting that night, agreeing instead to spend $50,000 exploring fresh alternatives.

There’s nothing wrong with having a different view on a transport project. But what is highly unprofessional is changing your mind on a project, after previously agreeing to it. It just makes you look wonky, and like grass in the wind.


Mayor Celia Wade-Brown: “What we’re saying here is that we don’t want to leave any stone unturned in the search for a win-win solution that will reduce some of the congestion.”

Stephanie Cook: “Do we want Wellington to end up like Los Angeles with its spaghetti junctions, flyovers and intersections all over the place?”

Paul Eagle: “There has been a chorus from the community saying, ‘We do not want a flyover’.”

Andy Foster: “In some ways we’re doing NZTA a favour. We’ve learnt through bitter experience that when you think you’re right and you’ve got a winner, sometimes you don’t.”

Justin Lester: “We think [the flyover] is butt ugly and want something better for the city.”

Iona Pannett: “I’m appalled at the behaviour of NZTA. They’ve threatened us as elected representatives and acted in a political manner, when they should have been providing advice as public servants.”

Bryan Pepperell: “It is absolutely necessary that we do not accept last century’s solution to our transport problems.”

Helene Ritchie: “These roading projects are seriously [on] impacting the town belt.”


Ray Ahipene-Mercer: “This was a deliberate act of political sabotage by the mayor and seven councillors.”

Ngaire Best: “What I see before me is actually a proposition to delay, delay, delay.”

Jo Coughlan: “Wellington needs to future-proof itself for growth, and investment in roading infrastructure is critical.”

Leonie Gill: “I just don’t know what this decision is going to achieve when alternative options can be taken through the RMA process.”

Ian McKinnon: “Presumably the solution is to do nothing. One can’t but help wondering if that’s what some councillors want.”

Simon Marsh: “By continually frustrating NZTA and the Government, the Government might say, ‘Wellington, you are too difficult to work with.’ “

John Morrison: “It appears this council has finally become a Green Party protest rally.”

I like an article that includes not just how each person voted, but a quote from them. Helps me with my voting decisions next year.

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