Ruby Island

Seven of us decided to kayak to Ruby Island on Lake on Saturday. It was a brilliant thing to do. Around 45 minutes each way, and a picnic lunch on the island.


This is the view from the picnic area we found on the island.


The group getting the bubbles and sandwiches out for lunch.


Tea Party Girl playing frisbee.


The view from the front of the island. Could never get sick of it.


Part of the island. It take barely 20 minutes to do a loop around it.


The view inland. Lovely clear waters.


Part of the track around the island.


Handy Girl coming into land.


It was such a hot day, a couple of us went around the lake and decided to go in for a swim. We learnt that no matter how hot the day, the water is still freezing! I lasted five minutes or so. despite the cold was a nice way to finish the day, before heading back home for drinks.

Definitely loving my Wanaka experience. Not spent much time here since I was a student and working on Cardrona Skifield.

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