Small on Shearer

Vernon Small at Stuff writes:

Labour’s may not have been smooth, but he was genuine and a man of substance.

So the spin went last year when he was struggling to sound fluent during speeches and impromptu press interviews. He was, if you like, substance over style. But his address to party faithful yesterday – not a “state of the nation” speech exactly, but a scene-setter for the year – was the exact reverse.

And on the style:

These days Mr Shearer is taking no chances on the presentation front, even using an when talking to about 170 party faithful in a Wainuiomata rugby clubroom.

You are kidding? An autocue to talk to the Labour Party summer school in rugby clubrooms? I knew Labour always look to US and UK politics for their campaign  ideas, but this is ridiculous.

Of course party leaders will use autocues for major events, such as the campaign launch and close, and annual conference speeches. But I have never ever heard of an autocue being used at an event like the Young Labour Summer School.

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