Truth on Mega

Truth reports:

Over the last couple of hours the usual suspects in our tired old media have cut and paste an article from Computerworld. In their efforts they report that Mega has received 150 copyright infringements since its launch. Mega have provided their flunkies at Stuff and the Herald the usual weasel words about how they are doing everything correctly and they have removed any files that are found to be infringing the law.

All good so far.

However, two points that need to be considered.

1. If Mega is fully encrypted (as an artifice to dodge the rules by the site owners maybe) how can anybody know what is in the supposed infringing files?

2. And by far the single most explosive point to this story is that Computerworld have provided further info that Stuff and the Herald chose to ignore.

If you visit you will see that the whole scheme is just like the old scheme. Mega is a file sharing service to allow you to upload data and share it. There are dozens of listings for copied and copyrighted material that are quite clearly illegal.

We are not suggesting that Kim Dotcom owns, runs, manages or even knows anything about the search site but I bet he will be trying very hard to get it closed as it clearly shows exactly what this latest business is. We note that the search utilises Mega’s logo extensively.

It will be interesting to see if further legal action eventuates on this.

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