Young on Sage

Audrey Young interviews Green List MP Eugenie Sage:

What MP outside your party impresses you?
Probably Lianne Dalziel [Labour] for her commitment in Christchurch particularly to Christchurch East and the huge amount of constituency work that she does. Also I admire Charles Chauvel [Labour] for his sharp mind, cool analysis and generous spirit.

Do you have a bill in the private members’ bill ballot?
No, but I am going to draft one probably on the protection of long-finned eels

We need a bill to do this? My understanding is that the eels are already in the quota management system and the total allowable catch has not increased for many years.

The heat on the issue appears to be that some of the eels end up as petfood, but from my perspective we should not care on the end use. The issue should be what the total allowable catch should be – if any.

What’s one of the best shows or concerts you’ve been to in recent years?
Emmy Lou Harris probably in Christchurch Town Hall which is one of the reasons we need to keep the Town Hall because the acoustics there are just amazing. She was incredible. She was just such a rock chick, really. How are you unwinding over summer?Time outdoors and time in the garden. I hope to get away to the West Coast and am also visiting family with my parents on Guam. My brother lives there. I’ve never been there and he’s been there about five years. From Google Earth there’s a whole lot of marine protected areas around the military base so the snorkelling is meant to be great.

Snorkelling in Guam sounds fun!

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