Some BSA complaints

A few amusing or not so amusing complaints to the . First James Burford complains about this on Paul Homes show on Newstalk ZB:

Based on some of the conversations we have had over the last 40 minutes… when we talked about [name] becoming the editor of the Truth, we have had a text which says, “[name] running a publication called the Truth is a bit like making a pre-op tranny editor of the Woman’s Weekly”.

Heh, that’s really funny. I suspect Cam would find it great also. So what was complained about?

James Burford made a formal complaint to The Radio Network Ltd (TRN), the broadcaster, alleging that the use of the phrase “pre-op tranny” was pejorative and “perpetuates bigotry and hatred against transgender communities”. He considered that the host’s behaviour, in reading out the text message, was ignorant and offensive.

Oh, Good God. It was a jibe at Cam, not pre-op trannies.

TRN upheld the complaint under Standard 7 (discrimination and denigration). It said that the use of the word “tranny” was “common in some quarters” and that the text message was intended to be humorous. However, it agreed that the host’s use of the term was unnecessary in context and potentially offensive to the transgender community. Having upheld the complaint, the broadcaster said that the host had been counselled on the matter.

The host would not have been Paul – either Kerre or Wendl probably. Wonder who got their hand smacked?

We also have the complaint from serial complainer Allan Golden who having claimed the moon landings were faked, now says NZ cheats more at sports than Belarus and Jamacia. I think it is about time any complaints from him go straight into the round cabinet.

Wayne Lowry complains that a promo for Coronation Street during Breakfast TV showed a woman slapping a man in the face. The horrors.

And Richard McKay (hopefully not this one) complaints that TV3 called Stewart Murray Wilson the Beat of Blenheim saying “purposefully designed to cause hurt, injury and harm to Mr Wilson (and his kind)”.  Are his kind rapists? No they are all innocent victims it seems.

He referred to all other prisoners “as victims of both media and the public”.

Maybe it is the same Richard McKay?

Mr McKay was concerned that the items showed disregard for Mr Wilson’s human rights in breach of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990. He argued that, “The grooming of the public by TV3 against Mr Wilson (in collaboration and union with other broadcasters who hold to the same practices and ideology of separatism, hatred and contemptuous superiority) is a crime in New Zealand”.

No, rape is a real crime.

These nutty complaints are a good example of why I am nervous about any prospect of a Communications Tribunal for online publishers. I can just see a legion of nutters and malcontents doing daily complaints.

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