The return of Tamihere

Steve Kilgallon at Stuff reports:

Tamihere reckons it’s not what he says, but how he says it that gets him into trouble. He reckons people know he’s saying the right thing, “but they might be far more genteel or academic [how they say it]. I’m not”.

And so, in the course of an hour, he casually insults Helen Clark, most of ’s front bench, radio broadcaster Danny Watson, Bennett (again – still fat), TV3’s Tova O’Brien (again – still silly), former Waitakere mayor Bob Harvey, Wishart (scumbag), the Act Party (also scumbags), the Maori Party (incompetent), the unions (lazy), academics (timid), me (loser), and himself.

Classic Tamihere.

And, amid all that, for the first time, he announces he definitely wants to become a Labour MP again.

Oh excellent.

While the chance of a tilt at the “train wreck” Maori Party in the Tamaki Makaurau Maori seat appeals, it seems more likely Tamihere will persuade Labour Maori members to switch electoral rolls into the Waitakere seat, giving him enough clout to win selection and, he hopes, beat Bennett.

But against that will be the unions.

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