And another clear stance

The great carpark tax debate is one of those issues where any government will take a hammering (like PC lightbulbs and shower heads) and where any opposition should be having a field day.

Already, one of National’s support partners, Act, has come out against it and the Maori Party probably won’t be far behind.  Ministers are already distancing themselves.

So, can make the most of it?

Well, when the tax was first proposed, Labour’s then Revenue Spokesman, the Rev. Dr David Clark, was quick to see the politics and attacked it.

Then, on Monday, when the bumper-sticker campaign against the tax was announced, current Revenue Spokesman, David Cunliffe, called it a “catastrophe”.

But, this morning we learn in the Herald from Cunliffe’s rival David Parker that Labour hasn’t decided what to do on the tax.

It’s a bit like asset sales.  They make lots of noise, but seem unable to articulate what they will do differently and are unable to speak with one coherent voice.

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