Would the closure of Tiwai Point impact the sale prices?

Tamsyn Parker at NZ Herald reports:

Analysts said the negotiation issue could have a small negative effect on the pricing of Mighty River Power’s shares.

Milford Asset Management senior analyst William Curtayne said the situation would probably result in the bankers having to alter the pricing of the offer moderately.

For those looking to buy Mighty River Power shares it could mean the company would now be cheaper.

But Mighty River Power was still a great company which was giving off a lot of cashflow compared with what savers could get by putting their money in the bank.

Curtayne said it might also be good news for Meridian in the long term.

He said if the company pulled out of selling power to , it could sell the power to other energy companies such as Genesis or Contact which would enable them to shut down more expensive operations like the Genesis-owned Huntly and Contact’s Otahuhu power station.

“It sounds bad at the headline. But in the long run if the market reacts effectively we could end up with a relatively benign outcome.”

Curtayne said it was better that the situation be revealed now.

“It’s good for them to come out and signal where they are now. It gives the situation more clarity.”

He said it could mean the Government got less money for Mighty River Power, but more for Meridian, which is worth twice as much.

Devon Funds Management analyst Phillip Anderson said it would affect the price of Mighty River Power at the margins.

Even more reason for the Government to stay out of this, and leave the negotiations to Meridian.

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