Hone missing in action

Claire Trevett at NZ Herald reports:

Mana Party leader has been absent for 49 of the 120 sitting days since the 2011 election.

That’s appalling. That means he has missed 16 entire weeks of the House.

Mana leader described himself as going “to battle for those without a voice in Parliament” at his party’s conference this month but he has been a rare sight in Parliament this year.

In the nine weeks that Parliament has been in session, the MP has given just two speeches and asked one oral question to a minister.

Mr Harawira has spoken only on the Prime Minister’s statement after the opening of Parliament in January and on a debate into financial reviews of Government departments. Major legislation on which the Mana Party has taken a strong stand but Mr Harawira did not speak included the final stage of the welfare reforms.

Mr Harawira was also away on the day in which Treaty settlement bills were debated and for the passing of the same-sex marriage law, although earlier in the day, he had hosted a “Big Breakfast” for schoolchildren in Otara to publicise his member’s bill for a free meal for low-decile schools.

His absence has been noted. Other MPs on the Maori Affairs select committee said he has only occasionally attended of late.

Mr Harawira has also been entitled to ask four primary questions and about 20 follow-up questions in Question Time but has taken only one slot.

Most Opposition MPs would crawl over broken glass for an opportunity to ask a question in question time, but Hone can’t even be bothered turning up!

Speaker David Carter said a formal attendance record for MPs was no longer kept, but Mr Harawira had been given 49 days of leave since the 2011 election, during which Parliament has sat for about 120 days. Party leaders have more responsibilities than other MPs, but most, including Prime Minister John Key and Labour leader David Shearer, attend on two of the three sitting days.

Party leaders do have to balance parliamentary and party responsibilities. but as MPs they are paid by the taxpayer to be in Parliament, making speeches, asking questions, doing the hard grunt on select committees to improve laws. It seems Hone is mainly using taxpayer resources to build up his party machine.

A spokesman for Mr Harawira said he was in Hawaii for a United Nations event this week. When contacted, Mr Harawira hung up.

Says it all.

Mr Harawira has criticised the Maori Party for its support agreement with National, but Mr Flavell said Mr Harawira had not been in Parliament to challenge the Government, or to put forward alternative ideas.

Despite the cutback in travel to Wellington, Mr Harawira’s travel expenses for the first three months of the year were still higher than any other non-ministerial MP, including Mr Shearer.

We are funding the Mana Party.

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