Nasty racists

The Herald reports:

A white supremacist Christchurch group is planning to distribute anti-Chinese flyers around Auckland, a city council ethnic panel member says.

Chinese woman Bevan Chuang said she had received information that the Right Wing Resistance was planning to distribute leaflets in Titirangi, Manurewa and Onehunga attacking Chinese immigration.

“Safety is the most important thing, so please don’t confront the white power people with your bare hands,” Miss Chuang said in an email circulated to leading members of Auckland’s Chinese.

The Hong Kong-born panel member has also alerted the police Asian liaison officer to the matter.

Two years ago, the same group distributed “Stop the Asian Invasion” flyers in areas with high Asian population, such as Howick, Northcote and Pakuranga, sparking police concerns that the action would lead to racially motivated violence.

The far-right group also tried then to recruit non-Asian immigrants to join its campaign against the Chinese. …

Miss Chuang said she had been receiving “crazy neo-Nazi posts” on her Facebook page, attacking her ethnicity.

An unsolicited post received by Miss Chuang described Chinese people as “the cancer of New Zealand”, bringing mass pollution and “over-breeding”.

It added, “Go back there, we don’t want your rubbish communist politics in our free country”.

Another described Asian people as “fish faced” and said they moved to New Zealand only after poisoning the water and rivers at home.

“You … claim to be Kiwi when you are not born here, so you are not,” one post said.

“Tell your Asian mates they ain’t welcome, spread it around like Chinese whispers we don’t want you here.”

 I’m pretty sure that Miss Chuang’s politics are not communist!

Almost all the communists in New Zealand are Europeans, and are current or former Green Party MPs 🙂

If we didn’t have Chinese New Zealanders, we wouldn’t have hilarious shows such as Flat 3. There are six web-episodes, and its a pretty funny show about three young Kiwis.

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