Telecommunications in NZ

The Commerce Commission has published its sixth annual telecommunications market monitoring report.

Some interesting facts:

  • Investment $1.26b
  • Revenues $5.22b. Voice revenues falling, data revenues growing.
  • 78% of households with a fixed line, have a broadband connection. We have the fastest growth rate in the OECD.
  • The number of voice call minutes dropped from 6.1 billion to 5.7 billion
  • Telecom’s fixed line market share dropped from 65% to 61%
  • We have 111 mobile phones per 100 people
  • 13.9 billion text messages sent, which is around 3,000 per person, the highest by far in OECD. Love to see a breakdown by age!
  • Increase in Naked DSL connections from 30,000 two years ago to over 100,000 in the last year.
  • Average data use per DSL line increased from 10 GB to 19 GB
  • Average download speed of 3.9 Mbps – pretty crap
  • Overall the telco market becoming significantly more competitive, while UK and Australia are static
  • Text or SMS revenues of $376m greater than Mobile broadband revenue of $354m, but next year broadband revenue should be larger
  • Mobile data doubled to around 4 petabytes or 4 million MBs.
  • 66% of NZers own a laptop, 48% a smartphone and 29% a tablet

is such a dynamic industry as people move from voice to data, and from fixed to mobile.

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