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Had an e-mail from an Auckland parent appalled their primary school daughter had their teacher spent 10 – 15 minutes telling the kids why charter schools and performance pay are evil, and how the Government is trying to impose both (in fact they are not implementing performance pay – sadly). To add insult to injury the  propaganda was repeated in the school newsletter (paid for by taxpayers).

The NZEI is also heavying teachers, telling them it is “expected” all teachers attend their protest marches on Saturday. One Brigid McCaffery posted on Facebook:

I’m concerned there is a high level of apathy among some teachers and in many schools (not including those on this page). Teacher NZEI members voted to support this Saturday’s action. The excuses as to why they can’t now march are flowing thick and fast. Staff Reps- think of some way to make it an expectation within your school that all teachers (at least) are going. Anyone with a genuine reason not to go has to put in their apologies.

Don’t you love the language – they must attend or they must put in their apologies. No exceptions!

Useful admission that most teachers are not fussed about charter schools. They will be turning up just because their union is forcing them to do so.

Also Christine McCartney said:

Apparently ChCh plans are for a march on gerry brownlee’s office I have done that march before, pathetic numbers showed up and office was closed I felt embarrissed that that was all we could muster.. We need to drum up support we need huge numbers and we need our protests/rallies to be in central locations in the city. I’m not carting my sign all over town on two buses and walking miles to meet up to 20 people to form a rag tag column to march to a closed office. Sorry.

Maybe the union could out on free taxis to help bolster the numbers?

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