A great idea

Stuff reports:

A British call centre has shipped staff to New Zealand so its phones can be manned 24/7.

The company, Moneypenny, came up with the idea after managers realised staff would rather leave the country than work night shifts,the Daily Mail reported.
Now based in Takapuna, Auckland, four staff members live temporarily in a rented house and work four days on-four days off, so they can travel.

When they are finished their stint in New Zealand, they will be replaced by another set of four employees. …

Moneypenny answers companies’ phones when their own staff can not get to them. When customers asked for a 24-hour service, Moneypenny asked their staff to work nights – but all were reluctant.

Of 280 staff, only four said they would work after hours, but 40 were prepared to relocate abroad.

Being in a distant time zone may be an advantage for once. We could become the official night shift call centre for Europe!

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