Professor of Alcohol Action recently met with two representatives of the Brewers Association to discuss initiatives to reduce alcohol related harm. The two reps were executive director and the (male) president of the Brewer’s Guild.

Professor Sellman wrote an article for on their meeting. It is embedded below. Now bear in mind this is an article by a medical professional for NZ Doctor about a health issue. So what does he say:

We met at Christchurch’s Boatsheds Café, just across the Avon River from the National Addiction Centre. Ms Cameron and her colleague had arrived a little early. When they approached me at the entrance, I did a momentary double take. Her strikingly attractive appearance transported me back to the times when I was still agreeing to meet big Pharma drug reps at the clinic

So he focuses on the appearance of Ms Cameron and feels the need to share with the world she is “strikingly attractive”. Her male companion doesn’t even rate a mention.

I felt sad that such a talented and vibrant person, hailing from heartland New Zealand, had been taken in by Big Booze and was gearing up so enthusiastically to repeat all the same hollow and deceptive arguments we have heard for decades. Ms Cameron has the charm and intelligence to be a very effective government relations advisor

Talented, vibrant, charm, intelligence. It is almost as if the Professor had a wee crush. If only he could lure her away from the dark side!

I’m somewhat surprised that NZ Doctor thought an article on the “striking attractiveness” and “talent, vibrancy, charm and intelligence” of Ms Cameron was deemed appropriate for a medical publication. Maybe they hope to become the official journal of Mad Men!

NZ Doctor by David Farrar

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