Charter schools rules

Hamish Rutherford at Dom Post reports:

A last-ditch bid to modify the rules for will take place this week, with pressure expected to go on the Maori Party whose votes will decide whether legislation passes.

Labour has effectively conceded defeat in its battle against allowing a trial of the schools, which will be able to determine their own curriculum and can be staffed by teachers who are not registered.

And will be entirely voluntary to attend.

But Labour education spokesman Chris Hipkins said he would be tabling a series of Supplementary Order Papers this week, suggesting amendments to the Education Amendment Bill when it sees its second reading.

These would impose teacher registration and curriculum requirements, as well as making the schools subject to the Official Information Act.

I’m actually supportive of the coverage by the Official Information Act. But that should not just apply to charter school. I think the OIA should apply to any organisation that is wholly or largely taxpayer funded.

Mr Banks said the trial charter schools, to be opened “day one, term one” next year, would have high standards of teaching, and he expected most would be registered teachers, but it would be up to the schools to decide this.

I think aspect is just something easy to scaremonger over. I’d be surprised if many charter schools have fewer than say 905 registered teachers. But sometimes there may be individuals who have not done formal teacher training who will still be able to effectively teach and even inspire.

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