Maurice for Mayor

The Herald reports:

The political right is already hailing the prospect of as Mayor of Auckland as a potential “circuit breaker” for local government in the Super City after the National MP yesterday confirmed he was considering running.

MP for Pakuranga since 1987, Mr Williamson yesterday told the Herald he was “getting a lot of approaches from a lot of people wanting me to stand for the mayoralty”.

“At this point I’m doing nothing other than just giving it some consideration. I have made no decisions whatsoever.”

But centre-right councillor Cameron Brewer was enthusiastic about the possibility Mr Williamson would run against current Mayor Len Brown this year, a prospect he said had been talked about for some time before yesterday.

“It would really energise the centre right and could be a game changer and a circuit breaker for local government in Auckland.

“One thing Maurice has got that people look to in mayors is experience and he’s got 26 years’ experience.” …

That experience included stints in several ministerial portfolios pertinent to the mayoralty in Auckland such as building and construction and transport.

“He’s been around, he’s got a huge following in the southern part of the region, he understands the issues, and he would be a clear alternative to Len Brown,” said Mr Brewer.

I think Maurice would be an excellent Mayor. He is a people person and hugely energetic. I think his nick-name used to be Tigger. And 15 years experience as a Minister would serve him rule in over-seeing the billion dollar . His tenures as Building and Transport Ministers would be exceptionally useful for Auckland in confronting those two issues.

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