The Auckland revolt grows

Marnie Hallahan at Stuff reports:

Rethink the plan or rethink the council. This was the unanimous message from 500 Aucklanders gathered tonight at Takapuna Grammar School to discuss ’s plans.

The number of people attending these meetings is growing.

Founders, Richard Burton, a resource management consultant, and Guy Haddleton, argued that contrary to what the council was claiming, 56 per cent of the residential area in Auckland would be zoned to allow apartments.

That’s intensification alright.

Following a city-wide resident revolt over the last fortnight, Mayor Len Brown has already announced that four areas of the plan would be revised.

But those present at the meeting were unanimous in calling for the entire plan to be revisited and looked at ‘‘from the ground up”.

Any revisions would be the minimum they can get away with. Starting again with a new Council would be the best way to make sure the plan reflects what Aucklanders want.

The lone voice in support of the plan, councillor Ann Hartley, was shut down by angry residents who booed her claims that the council was willing and ready to listen to public feedback.

Not sure her chances of re-election are looking too good.

The Herald reports:

After nine weeks of telling Aucklanders the maximum height of “small-scale apartments” in neighbourhoods was two storeys, the council admitted to the Herald on Friday the height limit was three storeys.

And they wonder why people no longer trust them?

A presentation from Mr Burton said three-storey apartments would appear in 49 per cent of residential Auckland and four, five and six-storey apartments in a further 7 per cent.

“We accept there has to be intensification in Auckland.

“The real issue is how and where,” he said.

The meeting unanimously passed a resolution to rethink the Unitary Plan in order to balance intensification with infrastructure capability and urban character.

I wonder of the Council is still insisting the Government fast-track the plan into law?

The Character Coalition – an umbrella group of 58 heritage and community groups – announced at the meeting it was joining forces with Auckland 2040.

Spokeswoman Sally Hughes said it shared the same concerns about the future of the city’s neighbourhoods.

That’s a lot of groups!

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