The Gilmore e-mails

Andrea Vance at Stuff reports:

Embattled National list MP was warned by a Government department over inappropriate emails.

The emails were not sexually explicit but had an “inappropriate tenor”, the Ministry Of Business Innovation and Employment said.

Gilmore was employed as a contractor for the the-then Department of Building  and Housing from May to November last year. He was a senior policy analyst. …

Days before Gilmore’s contract ended, ministry deputy chief executive Andrew Crisp was alerted to the emails between Gilmore and the Treasury staff member.

“Mr Gilmore was advised verbally that in the public sector context the tone of his emails was inappropriate,” Crisp said.

He was told his contract would not be renewed because of this.

And what did they say:

In the emails from Gilmore to a Treasury analyst, he wrote: “I’ve worked at Treasury though I saw the light and left as a senior adviser at 24.”

He boasts he was the youngest MP on Parliament’s finance committee “and made a few million as a GM in the private sector in-between”.

Gilmore went on: “I think I have a reasonable understanding of what ministers need and what works and how Treasury should operate.”

He chides the recipient saying: “Playing games and being secrecative [sic] witholding information and then bullying and whiteanting [sic] people when they don’t do what you want is how most people see you and is what I have seen too, not as a good Treasury analytic policy maker.”

In an earlier email, dated November 15, he says: “You may want to consider your perchant [sic] for firing off messages to all and sundry trying to undermine people … given my background and that I go back into Parliament on the govt side in the New Year I’m happy to talk about this with you at some stage, as this behaviour is far from productive.”

Gilmore also took exception to being corrected on a figure, writing: “Most of what I have said has been shown to be right once it has been debated …

“I am sure this sort of thing will come back to haunt you if you want your career to reach its full potential.”

There is a certain bullying pattern here.

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