Caygill vs Cosgrove?

Vernon Small at Stuff reports:

Ngai Tahu manager James Caygill, the son of former Labour finance minister David Caygill, has thrown his hat in the ring for the Christchurch East seat and in the process taken a swipe at his main rival.

Caygill, 35, yesterday confirmed he would seek Labour’s nomination for the seat to be left vacant by Christchurch mayoral hopeful Lianne Dalziel, saying he represented “renewal” for the party – a clear comparison with list MP Clayton Cosgrove who is tipped to stand but has so far refused to confirm or deny that.

Cosgrove, who lost the Waimakariri seat to National’s Kate Wilkinson in 2011, is seen as to the right of Labour and his election would clear the way for the next candidate on its party list, Northland-based Kelvin Davis, to return to Parliament.
Caygill yesterday described himself as “reasonably Left-wing”. He was the chair of the environment sector and “you won’t find me disagreeing with our stances on social policy or individual rights or the fact that we need to build a more sustainable economy”.
Caygill also worked for a while in Lianne Dalziel’s ministerial office.
On social issues he would be a better fit than Cosgrove within Labour.  I’m not sure they would be that far apart on economic issues. Caygill comes from the relatively sane economic faction of Labour.
“Clayton’s a sitting MP and a senior frontbench MP. No-one could dream that counts as renewal. He’s a senior MP and he deserves his shot if that’s what he wants to do but I don’t think he would run under a banner of renewal.”
The other issue with Cosgrove is he is already an MP. If National stands a fresh candidate, then you could get tactical voting that voting for the National candidate over Cosgrove means an extra MP for Christchurch, instead of Northland.
Caygill said if he won the nomination he would step down from his role as a senior manager with Ngai Tahu where he is responsible for environmental policy work, regional economic development, education policy, research and development and the iwi’s savings scheme.
One of the things I like about Ngai Tahu is they hire the best person for the job, even if they are not of Ngai Tahu themselves.

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