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Oh dear. David Shearer is just making it worse for him and Labour.

First we have this interview in Stuff:

Today Shearer admitted that the MPs accepting the hospitality looked bad.

“I would have said, this is pretty unwise guys, given what we know,” Shearer said, adding that he believed the MPs had learned their lesson.

So Shearer is saying his office didn’t even know the MPs were attending?

But Shearer denied the situation undermined Labour’s arguments against the terms of the convention centre deal.

The invitation was “obviously a gift, on one level it is a perk of the job”, he said, adding that his MPs went to a large number of events which they would probably prefer not to.

Oh my God. Now he is arguing that the poor Labour MPs didn’t event want to attend. It was just their duty to go. How awful – getting to see an All Black test from a corporate box with free food and alcohol.

Shearer had gone into the box to speak to someone he knew was there, whom he declined to name. He would not explain how he knew the person was in the box.

He said he did not know his colleagues were being hosted by SkyCity until he got there. 

So Shearer was popping into the box to see some one else? And no one had told him Labour MPs were there. I think Shearer is fundamentally an honest person so is telling the truth. But it says volumes about their internal communications.

Also Whale has audio from Radio Live where David Shearer says, well listen to it yourself and try and work it out.

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