Norman goes nasty

Andrea Vance at Stuff writes:

And he launched an astonishing personal attack on Prime Minister John Key, who he says is “divisive and corrosive” and “irritated if we are not all grateful for him generously agreeing to be PM.”

He added: “So next time you see John Key smiling, remember he’s not smiling because he likes you, he’s smiling because he’s giving favours to his mates while undermining your democracy.”

And Isaac Davidson at NZ Herald writes:

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman has made a rare personal attack on Prime Minister John Key, comparing him to former Prime Minister Robert Muldoon

You could say a lot about the policies put forward by Jeanette Fitzsimons and Rod Donald, but you know that they never would have carried out the sort of personal smear attack Russel Norman is now doing with the Greens.

Once upon a time the Greens boasted that they didn’t do personal attacks. I presume they’ll never make that claim again.

I can only presume it is desperation as Russell sees his long awaited dreams of being a Minister slip away.

His speech resembles one of the more angry rants you often read at The Standard. That is because it was probably written by one of the authors at The Standard.

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