Ten reasons the Obama presidency is melting down

Nile Gardiner at the Telegraph gives his 10 reasons why Obama is in trouble:

  1. The American public is losing in Obama
  2. The Obama presidency is imperial in style and outlook
  3. Most Americans are still worried about the
  4. America’s level of debt is frightening
  5. Obamacare is hugely expensive and increasingly unpopular
  6. Independents are rapidly withdrawing support for Obama
  7. The liberal media is less deferential to Obama in his second term
  8. The Benghazi scandal has been extremely damaging
  9. Obama’s national security strategy is weak and confusing
  10. Obama is “leading from behind” on the world stage

Of course Obama doesn’t need to stand for election again, but what he is fighting for is his place in history – will it be as a good, bad or middling President?

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