The impact of the Greens proposed ban on food advertising

I blogged previously on the Green party policy to ban all television of , unless they deem that food to be part of a balanced nutritious diet.

A reader has sent me a list of the top 50 TV advertisers in 2012. They include the companies below. It is a fair bet that if the get to implement this policy in Government that it won’t just be Mediaworks in receivership, but also TVNZ. It would destroy free to air broadcasting as it is funded by advertising. It would be good for Sky TV though!

The top 50 TV advertisers include:

  • Foodstuffs (1)
  • Progressive (2)
  • McDonalds (11)
  • Restaurant Brands (21)
  • Antares Restaurant Group (23)
  • Coke (28)
  • Sanitarium (38)
  • Cadbury (39)
  • DB (44)
  • Lion Nathan (45)
  • Fonterra (46)
  • Subway (49)

How many of them will meet the Green Party litmus test to allow them to advertise on TV?

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