Bryce Canyon National Park


The Kiwiblog mobile office. Now we are out of Nevada, the temperatures are much more pleasant. Still in the 30s, but not the 40s. Great to be able to enjoy a beer outside at night.


A natural tunnel on the way to Bryce Canyon. You also have a one mile long tunnel as you exit Zion National Park.


There’s an 18 mile main road you can drive up in Bryce Canyon, and it has scores of views like this.


A 2d photo can not do justice to the incredible views that stretch into the horizon.


A natural bridge.


One curious bird.


At the far end of the valley.


Auckland Girl with a scenic backdrop.


This photo is taken right from the edge. I wondered if it was safe, but figured they would have a sign up if it was not. The drop down would hurt.


15 metres along the trail out of sight in our direction was this sign. Would be helpful if they had warning signs up at both ends!



This is a camp ground just outside the park. Pretty cool to be able to camp in a teepee. We’re actually camped inside the park itself.

Did a short walk today, and planning a dawn walk tomorrow to see the sunrise from on high.

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