How about the other payout?

Stuff reports:

The widower of a victim of RSA killer William Bell has won a $60,000 payout from the Corrections Department.

Tai Hobson, whose wife Mary was one of three people slaughtered by Bell 12 years ago, relaunched his claim for compensation last year after Corrections made a $300,000 damages settlement with sole survivor . Couch was left for dead and partially paralysed in the attack by Bell.

The violent offender was on probation for aggravated robbery when he went on a rampage, killing club president William Absolum, 63, member Wayne Johnson, 56, and Mrs Hobson, a cleaner.

Yesterday, chief executive Ray Smith said his department had a moral obligation and confirmed Mr Hobson had accepted an “ex gratia payment”.

“Mary lost her life at the hands of a very dangerous and violent man who also killed two of her colleagues and left Susan Couch with horrific injuries,” he said.

That reminds me. Winston claimed he donated most of the $158,000 his party owed the taxpayer to a Susan Couch trust. Two of the three trustees were his lawyers. Someone should check up if Susan Couch has actually received a cent from the trust that bears her name.

UPDATE: A commenter has done some research and found that the trust has $86,000 in the bank and has paid Susan Couch $900 a year for two years.

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