How is seeking costs a threat?

Stuff reported:

New Zealand King Salmon chief executive Grant Rosewarne is being accused of using bullying tactics to scare groups off appealing a High Court decision that went against them.

Last week Mr Rosewarne said King Salmon would seek costs of about $150,000 against Sustain our Sounds and the Environmental Defence Society if they took an unsuccessful High Court appeal to the Supreme Court.

His company would probably seek costs even without a further appeal, he said.

Society chairman Gary Taylor said in 30 years of involvement with such cases, he had never encountered such intimidation.

This type of threat might not be illegal but it is unacceptable, he said.

How silly. Of course it is not illegal – nor unacceptable.

King Salmon is not suing the EDS. That might be an activity which could be seen as threatening.

The EDS effectively sued King Salmon. They lost. If you initiate a court case and lose, you should expect to end up with covering not just your own costs, but also some or all of the costs of the other parties.

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