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Stuff reports:

could cut ticket prices as the embattled sanctuary tries to reverse falling visitor numbers.

Latest figures show a second consecutive drop in visitor numbers, with the sanctuary again failing to meet its targets in the past financial year, despite halving its expectations.

The fall is the latest in a series of problems for Zealandia.

Low visitor numbers have seen it battle with the books since it opened in April 2010, forcing ratepayers to prop it up.

But marketing and sales manager Peter Laurenson said paying visitor numbers were holding steady, and it was locals with memberships who were tailing off.

Now the sanctuary was looking at a number of strategies, including dropping admission prices and a membership drive, in a bid to get more people through the gate.

The cost of entry has often been cited as a barrier to people visiting Zealandia. A family pass for both the exhibition and sanctuary is $71.50.

I have a choice of going around Otari Wilton Bush for nothing, or paying mega bucks to Zealandia. It is an easy decision.  Zealandia is great to visit, but over-priced.

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