Yay – full context

The Herald reported:

Mother of four Michelle Gordon delayed taking her teenage daughter to the doctor for a fortnight as she was unsure how badly she needed help, and because it costs $25.

She now regrets the wait. Jessica, 14, had a chest infection and had been sick for three weeks before seeing the doctor, who prescribed antibiotics.

“We delayed and delayed, thinking she was maybe getting better, then she went downhill and we really needed to go to the doctor,” says Ms Gordon, whose income is the sole parent benefit. …

Ms Gordon pays rent of $360 a week. She receives income of about $700 including the accommodation supplement and full or partial disability allowances for herself (for fibromyalgia), Jordan (Crohn’s disease) and one of her 8-year-old twins, Caleb (for asthma medication).

I often complain that stories don’t provide full information on someone’s income from the Government, so it is worth praising a story that does do that.

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