Wellington City Council Lambton Ward

I’ll do another post on this once ballot papers go out, but some initial thoughts on 11 candidates standing for the Lambton Ward of the WCC. With Stephanie Cook and Ian McKinnon both retiring, it is very competitive.

The 11 candidates are:

Nicola Young

Nicola is also standing for Mayor, and running a good campaign. I’ve known Nicola for a long time, and she is very good at thinking outside the square and making things happen – two things we need on Council. She’s the sort of change we need, and will vote responsibility with our rates.

Rex Nicholls

Rex was previously a Councillor but retired in 1998. When he was on Council previously he was a great Councillor. He is fiscally responsible but also a good back of necessary infrastructure projects such as the stadium and the sewerage system. He’s also been active in saving heritage buildings such as the Shamrock and Trekkers Hotel. Most of all Rex is an astute businessman. Council needs a good balance of skills. I don’t want a Council just of businesspeople, but the current Council is under-strength in business skills.

Iona Pannett

Iona is a Green Party Councillor, and I don’t agree with her on most policies. I don’t want the Greens and allies having anywhere near a majority on Council, as we would go backwards. However I think it can be valuable to have a diversity of voices, and I credit Iona with a good work ethic and an ability to work with others. I’ll probably rank her 3 or 4.

John Dow

John Dow has a great CV, and has been a part of many good things in Wellington such as the Wellington Gold Awards for business, New Zealand International Arts Festival, and Wellington Phoenix. He is close to John Morrison. I like his CV, but know nothing about him beyond the 200 word blurb. I will probably rank him 3 or 4 also.

Michael Appleby

Perennial candidate for local and central government as leader of the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party. Adds humour to the candidate meetings!

Milton Hollard

CV looks solid. Supports a Super City. Details a few policies which look okay but I wonder about the cost.

Mark Peck

The former Labour MP for Invercargill for 12 years. Never made a Minister. As a Labour candidate is bound to vote in accordance with Labour local caucus decisions, and policy framework. Now a small business owner (a cafe) which is a plus. His campaign manager, or authorised person, appears to be Grant Robertson. Rather hypocritically he pays his own staff under $15 an hour, opposes a minimum wage of $15, yet demands the Council pay all staff a living wage of $18.40 an hour. Guess it is easier when someone else pays.

Stephen Preston

A corporate trainer. Can not work out from his blurb what he stands for. Lots of buzz words.

Jennifer Stephen

Supports rates being under control, but also Council backing winners.Could be okay, but not much to judge on. Would be great if the Council website linked to their websites, if they had one.

Mark Wilson

Wants to shift the port to Ngauranga. I agree! Not so sure about light rail though, as the cost is massive.

John Woolf

Against development, flyovers and motorways. I presume he owns a cycle shop.

As I said, I’ll do a fuller post once ballot papers are out.

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