A rare tie

Auckland Council has announced:

On the Great Barrier Island Local Board, the preliminary results had a tie for the fifth spot between Christina Spence and Nikki Watts on 208 votes each.

The final result is still tied with 220 votes each. The ballot will now be decided by lot under supervision of the New Zealand Police.

Graeme Edgeler may be able to find this, but I can’t find a provision in the Local Electoral Act or regulations that specify what happens in case of a tie (for FPP). It is specified for parliamentary elections, but I can’t find a local provision.

It would be nice to decide the result in true Great Barrier Island tradition. I’m thinking maybe a tree chopping contest. First to chop down three trees is elected?

Regardless a tied result is pretty rare and I suspect a lot of media will want to turn up for the Police draw. Not sure if it will be a coin toss, or drawing of lots.