Horan’s amendment should be supported

Brendan Horan has announced:

MPs pay will be fixed for each term of Parliament, if an amendment proposed by the independent MP Brendan Horan is adopted.

“Back in December I promised that I would put forward an amendment in a bid to get Parliament to agree that salaries would be set by the Remuneration Authority before the next General Election. The salaries would apply for the three year term of each Parliament.

“Now that the Government has given the bill its second reading, I have formally introduced the Supplementary Order Paper

“I have written to all parties in Parliament seeking their support,” said Brendan Horan.

If adopted, the new law would still require the Remuneration Authority to independently set the salaries of MPs. The difference is that the determination would be published about three months before the election.

“That way, every candidate running for Parliament and all voters will know the remuneration of MPs for the next three years. Voters will choose their MPs, and we’ll have an end to the spectacle of Christmas pay rises,” said Brendan Horan.

All parties in Parliament should seriously look at supporting this amendment. They will do themselves a huge favour if they back it, and avoid the annual ritual of self-flagellation of getting payrises that the public hate.

The Horan amendment will not see MPs paid less. It will see one rate fixed for a three year term, based on what is deemed to be the fair level over the three year term.

The public will more willingly accept something that is not a pay rise part-way through a term – but is an increase in remuneration for the next term of Parliament. It means certainty for candidates, MPs and the public.

Some MPs may be reluctant to support this amendment, because it is from Horan. That would be very short-sighted and cutting off their nose to spite their face. Unless MPs enjoy the annual self-flagellation they go through, they should vote for Horan’s SOP.

I covered the case for setting salaries once for each term of Parliament in my submission.

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