Lee on Korean War

Audrey Young at NZ Herald reports:

Korean-born National MP Melissa Lee broke down in Parliament last night night when she was speaking about the Korean War.

“My grandfather was shot dead by the North Koreans because he was educated at university,” she said through tears.

This is the same regime that Gareth Morgan seems so fond of.

She recalled her mother having talked about not having enough food for the family to eat “and yet they took in 10 other refugees so they had a roof over their head.”

“I get a little emotional about this because it does affect my family,” she said in the first reading debate of the Veterans’ Support Bill.

She said owed a great debt to the Korean veterans, 3974 soldiers and 1300 naval
personnel who fought in the war, with 33 deaths.

She said if it had not been for the veterans who had answered the call of the United Nations, “I may not be standing here proudly as a Member of Parliament in this great country of ours, New Zealand.”

She said she refers to the K-Force as her “dads.”

“They gave up their youth to fight for something that they didn’t even have anything to do with in a foreign country.”

Thank goodness the North Koreans didn’t manage to take over the entire country. This was a war started by North Korea who invaded in 1950. One day hopefully North Koreans will enjoy the freedoms that South Koreans do.

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