Parliament Today 24 October 2013

Questions for Oral Answer

Questions to Ministers 2.ooPM -3.00PM

  1. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Minister of Finance: Does he consider that the Government’s Meridian Energy sale was a failure, given that it attracted only 62,000 retail buyers, which is only a quarter of the 250,000 forecast?
  2. Hon CLAYTON COSGROVE to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by all his statements?
  3. PAUL GOLDSMITH to the Minister of Finance: What recent progress has the Government made in its share offer programme – and particularly in generating money for investing in new public assets without having to borrow from overseas lenders?
  4. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister of Finance: What reports, if any, has the Reserve Bank had from trading banks on the effect of loan-to-value ratio lending limits on housing construction?
  5. MELISSA LEE to the Minister for Social Development: What recent initiatives has the Government supported to provide better support to those affected by sexual violence?
  6. Hon PHIL GOFF to the Minister of Defence: Have attrition rates in the last year, which reached 23 percent in the Navy and 24 percent in the Army, reduced the capability of the New Zealand Defence Force?
  7. Peseta SAM LOTU-IIGA to the Minister of Housing: What progress is the Government making in increasing housing supply, improving the quality of the Government’s housing stock and growing the community social housing sector?
  8. DARIEN FENTON to the Minister of Labour: Does he stand by all his statements on health and safety?
  9. SHANE ARDERN to the Associate Minister of Health: What is the Government doing to support rural general practice?
  10. GARETH HUGHES to the Minister of Energy and Resources: Does he stand by his statement about oil and gas, “As minister, my job is to support the development of these resources in a sensible, safe and environmentally responsible way”?
  11. Dr CAM CALDER to the Associate Minister of Transport: What progress is being made in bringing down New Zealand’s road toll?
  12. Le’aufa’amulia ASENATI LOLE-TAYLOR to the Minister of Energy and Resources: Does he stand by all his statements?

Today Labour are asking four questions. These are about whether the Minister of Finance stands by all his statements, lending limits for mortgages, attrition in the New Zealand Defence Force,  and health and safety. The Greens are asking about the Meridian Energy share float, and the development of natural resources. New Zealand First are asking whether the Minister for Energy and resources stands by all his statements.

Patsy question of the day goes to Shane Ardern for Quetion 9: What is the Government doing to support rural general practice?

Government Bill 3.00PM – 6.00PM and 7.30PM – 10.00PM.

A bill is being introduced at 3.00PM of which the content is not known. A deal has been made with Labour and The Greens to ensure it passes through all three stages of debate under urgency today, and will become law shortly afterwards. You can read what is known about this secret bill here.

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