Transmission Gully will actually start construction in 2014

After 65 years or so, it will actually start construction next year. This is hugely important as that will make it very very hard for the Greens to get it scrapped if they are part of a Government after the next election.

The Herald reports:

Construction on the alternative route to will begin in the second half of next year – just before the next general election – announced today.

He expected the 27 km project to be ready for use by 2020. forms part of the Northern Corridor which is estimated to cost $2.5 billion.

He said morning peak time traffic from Levin to is expected to improve by 40 minutes.

He also said the new corridor is projected to reduce the number of fatal and serious traffic crashes from 140 over five years after its completion to 100.

We should organise some parties for the day the construction starts!

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