He wants $4 million of our money

Stuff reports:

Nearing a month of living on the streets without food, says only two things will end his protest – death, or a fair deal from .

The 75-year-old ACC advocate has long assisted people with their claims, but has been locked in a six-year battle with the corporation after it tried to prosecute him for fraud.

The case was thrown out, and earlier this year a judge awarded Mr Dixon-McIver full legal costs of $13,000, but the corporation refused to go to mediation to discuss damages.

That led to Dixon-McIver camping outside ACC’s head office in Aitken St, demanding more than $4 million for damages and losses.

ACC agreed to talks, but the protest resumed last month after Dixon-McIver declined a $90,000 compensation offer that he considered an insult.

He wants those of us who fund ACC to hand over $4 million to him. That’s greed.

Dixon-McIver said he believed he would win if he took his case to court again, but did not have the will to spend another three years tied up in legal wranglings.

It had been difficult not eating for almost a month, but he was adamant he would not alter his course of action, even if that meant dying.

Emotional blackmail is so much easier than actually proving your case in court.

I think $90,000 is pretty generous offer. Demanding at least $4 million is sheer greed.

As I found out last time when I blogged on Mr Dixon-McIver:

Incidentally Mr Dixon-McIver seems to have had some compensation issues of his own, after the Employment Court ordered him to pay three months salary and $6,750 for distress, humiliation and injury to feelings to a former employee who was constructively dismissed after he threatened to assault her, following his son assaulting her.

Maybe the former employee should have gone for $4 million also.

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